Thursday, September 9, 2010

India: daily life

The last post is longtime ago, so one short sum up from my life since the move to Koramangala.

My roommates are awesome. Currently, one french guy, one South-African guy, two Spanish ladies, one polish lady and my Swiss land lord. A very good mix. 2 weeks Sandra, a German student, left to France. Totally crazy girl, bargained with the rickshaw driver over each single rupee.
Via Sandra, I met Jo, one really cool Bavarian guy, who lives in Whitefield and works near by SAP.

As one can imagine, already well before Sandra left, we began to make countless farewell parties. Went to different places in the centre of Bangalore and has some line breaking house parties.
Where I met so many cool Indian guys, not only from Bangalore's IT industry, but also from different colleges and universities. Really crazy people.

Nevertheless my daily life in Bangalore is quite the same during the last few weeks. In principle, I stand up at 6.30, take a shower, and run for the SAP shuttle, which is always a really tight time plan for the morning, because the shuttle leaves at 7.20 and I like the snooze function of my alarm.

40min later, I arrive at SAP Labs India, and goes to my working place. Here I normally check mails and read some news till 9 o'clock. Afterwards is breakfast time combined with a short walk. Than the real working time starts for 4 hours, afterwards lunch break with throughout good, but sometime boring, Indian food. It depends on the daily workload and mainly one the daily effectiveness of mine, when I will leave. My leaving times in the office vary from 17 o'clock to 9.30. Another influence factor is, whether there are any leisure time activities scheduled, like hanging out in the city centre, make some TV watching season at Jo's apartment or cool dinners at my place.
On Tuesday, I helped the French guy to prepare crepes for the whole house. Delicious!!!
And Coni (Swiss land lord) was not so excited about the bunch of dishes lying around in the kitchen.
So, all in all, I'm totally into chillin' after a hard working day and finally, I go to sleep approximately 1 o'clock. But one can never predict what happens next in Bangalore so stay tuned.

By the way, I am still trying to buy a bike or a bicycle..., but on searching half-assed one will not find any cool offer. So I have to hurry up.

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