Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wayanad in the north-east of Kerala, India

I went for a trekking trip with my buddy Chadha and some of his friends to the green hills of Wayanad.
I was pretty excited before because I never went to trekking before. So, I went out and bought some stable shoes to be prepared for every possible terrain, which was a bit too much, but I like the shoes.
I was pretty keen one being on time, so I slept by a friend in whitefield. Actually, the trip should start at 7am in the morning. But as I called my Indian friend around 7 he sounds quiet sleepy. Nevertheless, they handle to pick me up after some time. We rent a private cab for our trip, we were around 12 people so quiet good for a cab. Just after entering the cab a felt asleep as everybody else. After 2-3 hours we reached our first stop at an highway restaurant, where we had typical Indian breakfast with dosa, igly and chai. Then we continued driving and reached a hill near the border of Kerala. One could see an amazing green landscape with one small temple on the top. At that time there was something like a public lunce where everybody get's some food at the temple. My friends and I didn't attend instead we made lot's of nice pictures and explored the surrounding by small tracks. One guy brought a cowboy head which made quiet descent pictures possible.
Short before we left there came a very dense fog, which restricted the view to less than 50m. Due to this, the ride back down the hill became a quiet big adventure for me, although the driver felt appearently pretty comfortable.
The next stop was at the border of Kerala where we have to pay some route tax and stopped for a nice chai. There was a nice rice field in an amazing clear green and more over a huge rickshaw transporter carrying a bunch of brand new tuc tucs.
After we stopped for some lunch, we arrived at Wayanad after sunset and searched for a stay. We found a stay by talking to some locals which are looking after the house of rich families and rent it during their absence. We got a quiet descent house with two stages, shower out of the bucket and a TV, so more than needed for a two day stay. After fixing the location we searched a bit for boose and watched a cricket game at the house.
The next day we stand up quiet early to get around Wayanad. We visited a small lake with some even smaller boats and a nice waterfall, which was quiet a challenge to reach. So a pretty hard track at least for an untrained German guy, but one get some pretty nice pictures of the mass of falling water.
After this exhausting trip, we get back into on the street cruising around. Than we saw some tea fields, and stopped for making some nice green pictures. Afterwards, we went to Asia's second biggest dam with the biggest human created lake. The funny thing about it, was that we went for a boat trip around the lake, with an speedy boat and I recognized that most of the Indian guys are not used to so much of water. As difference in Berlin you go for a swim or a boat ride whenever you like.
 The next day we went back to Bengalore on the way we stopped in Mysore checking out the zoo. Man, this was so crowded unbelievable, only comparable with the so in Berlin while this small polar bear baby was around. Despite from the funny warning on every cage and fence (like "These who throw objects at the crocodiles will be asked to retrieve them!!"), it was a bit sad, because most of the animal looked not ill or unhappy.
Nevertheless, after a short look at the closed palace we finally left to BLR.
To sum up, a wonderful trip around green nature. Thanks a lot guys

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