Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Real-Time measurement in C

For those of you, who could not find it somewhere else.
Here is the code snippet to get time measurements exact to  the microsecond on a Linux system with pure C.
Fun fact, the struct is already there, should be defined in time.h
rt_printk is real-time printf to read your output use command dmesg
int main(void)
 char buffer[30];
 struct timeval tv;
 time_t curtime;
 gettimeofday(&tv, NULL);
 strftime(buffer,30,"%m-%d-%Y  %T.",localtime(&curtime));
 return 0;

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Social Networks and Academic Research

The world is getting faster and faster, but still the most reputation in research is in printed journals.
Now it seams that the times change. There is an upcoming development of social networks for researchers.
These are not like Facebook with sharing pics and useless stuff to procrastinate. Instead the research networks focus on publications and the answer of small research questions in collaborative manner. (see also German Article of Welt-Online)
So check it out, it might become an advantage soon.

researchgate - Social Researcher Network (German startup)
academia - Social Researcher Network (US version)
mendeley - Collaborative Paper Plattform

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Start of an idea - Eclipse Badges

Do you ever coded day and night without having enough benefit from it. Here it comes the Eclipse Badges Extennsion. Okay, it is not yet developed, but the idea is cool and to cool to die.

So here some bullets for what you could earn badges while coding:

  • X hours coding at once
  • Master of Shortcuts
  • Challenger of Refactorings
  • Best Refactorings in a Row
  • longest class name
  • Deepest Hierarchy
  • lines of code per minute
  • longest method
  • deepest call hierarchy
  • Quick-fix Master
  • Web of Eclipse (a lot of complex dependencies)
  • longest build time ever
  • Antitrust, Eclipse as notepad
  • Archaeologist open the oldest projects
  • Plugin Master - you can catch them all
  • most active views
  • nightly coding is appreciated
  • Your Rank as developer in the Eclipse Badge Community
All this stuff is coming soon...

Please comment for more ideas!