Sunday, August 8, 2010

India: Bangalore Koramangala

Größere Kartenansicht

 Here, I am living for the time being. First Block Koramangala, very nice and silent place. There are lots of small restaurants, a very good connection to the BMTC bus system, many small shops, good supermarkets, ...., I like it.
It is now my second week in Koramangala. I can highly recommend this place.
Sony World, AlienWare Shop, a very nice small Punjabi restaurant, Sunis Laundrary (40rupees per kg) and there is more to come.
Koramangala is also a kind of a student area, many young people living here. So, bars and cafe are always well patronized.

In detail, I live in one room, which is part of a four-room guest house. Sharing kitching, living room and shower with my room mates. They originate from all over the world, Spain, France(maybe), Germany, and Russia. In addition our land lord is a swiss photograph. For Indian standards, this is a very cool place, but for an European there severall things, one has to arrange with.
Including the Indian manner of using the toilet, ..., there is no toilet paper at all, just a min shower.... But I am willing to learn. One also has to mention, that we have a very cool garden where one can take severall sun bathes. As contrast, there is one of these special Indian rivers nearby, so keep an eye to the wind direction.
One of Bangalores rivers

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