Monday, June 25, 2012

Some Links from HCI Research

Acoustic radiation pressure: Radiation pressure--the history of a mislabeled tensor by Robert T. Beyer, a summary/review paper about 100 year-old history of radiation pressure. A more simple explanation can be found on the German Wikipedia. Essentially, this effect occurs if acoustic waves in one medium shoot at another target medium. If the frequency is higher than the time a target medium needs to stretch, than air particles get reflected back to the sound source. Furthermore, you can imagine the effect better if you think about the water-air medium change. Check Paper on water-air interface experiment
Tangibles go on market Appmates, little racing cars for your iPad 
Think about output to your brain Switching Neurons, Research Area is called Optogenetics, might be interesting for the normal nerve system as well. 
Cheat Sheet for Statistics Just in case, you need a refresh Cheat Sheet
Hick's Law in Mortal Combat Webpage discusses the influence of choices in martial arts. 

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